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How to Become an Indiana Certified Emission Repair Facility (ICERF)

There are numerous benefits for repair facilities who take the extra steps to become Indiana Certified Emission Repair Facilities. In addition to being more knowledgeable about emissions failures and how to correct them, shops that are Indiana Certified Emission Repair Facilities are listed on a document that is given to motorist when the vehicle fails the emission inspection. Only repairs that are performed by an Indiana Certified Emission Repair Facility can count toward a minimum expenditure waiver, so many motorists prefer to take their vehicles to an Indiana Certified Emission Repair Facility.

Shop Certification Requirements:

1) Shop must employ at least one Indiana Certified Emission Repair Technician (see information below regarding technician certification ). It is not required that this technician perform all emissions repairs, however, this technician should oversee all emissions works performed by non-certified technicians.

2) Shop must possess the following required equipment in good working order:

  1. Repair reference resources (hard copies or online database subscription)
  2. Digital multimeter
  3. Vacuum and fuel pressure testing equipment
  4. Carbon/fuel injection cleaning equipment
  5. Digital storage oscilloscope
  6. Scan tool with OBDII capability, and
  7. Gas analyzer (preferably with five-gas capability)
3) Successful completion of a shop inspection performed by a representative of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management

To be considered for certification, a shop that meets the requirements can complete this application to request their shop inspection, the final step of the certification process.

How to Become an Indiana Certified Emission Repair Technician (ICERT)

Indiana Certified Emission Repair Technicians are masters of their craft who are conscientious diagnosticians motivated to stay abreast of current technology in their field. From a professional perspective, Indiana Certified Emission Repair Technicians are valuable resources for the repair facilities where they are employed.

Technician Certification Requirements:

1) Successful completion of a 60-hour training course that focuses specifically on the detailed needs and skills required of a technician performing emissions repairs in coordination with the Indiana vehicle inspection program.

2) A minimum of ASE L1 certification must be maintained for Indiana Certified Emission Repair Technician certification to remain valid.

ICERT training courses are held once a year over the course of eight weeks, usually in the spring. Costs are minimal, only covering the cost of materials that are yours to keep at the conclusion of the course. It is recommended that a technician enrolling in the course has at least ASE A8 certification to ensure that they possess the core knowledge this course builds upon.

For more information about becoming an Indiana Certified Emission Repair Technician or an Indiana Certified Emission Repair Facility, contact Clean Air Car Check at 219-661-8269.